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Were You Treated Different Because of Your Disability?

It can be incredibly stressful and hurtful when people treat you differently because of your disability, but it can take on a whole new level of pain when it happens at work. Despite federal and state laws that expressly forbid discrimination against people for their disabilities, it’s unfortunately common for employers to engage in such behavior. Some do so covertly while others may more brazenly violate your rights, but under no circumstances should you have to tolerate such behavior.

Since 1995, our attorneys at The Gould Law Firm have been advocates for people with disabilities when they’ve needed to legally confront their employers. We believe in preserving the dignity of all workers and forcing managers, business owners, and coworkers to answer for unlawful treatment of our clients. In cases like these, we can pursue fair and just compensation for our clients that can include damages for lost wages, compensatory damages, and even punitive damages in particularly egregious cases.

How to Identify Disability Discrimination at Work

Discrimination against a person with a disability can take on various forms at work. Some can be direct, while others may be more subtle or the result of poorly conceived company policies.

Here are a few considerations for how you can identify disability discrimination at work:

  • Direct Behavior: Someone has treated you unfavorably and it is clear that it is because of your disability. This can amount to harassment in the form of inappropriate comments, use of slurs, jokes, bullying, and even physical violence.
  • Indirect Behavior: Someone is choosing to enforce certain company policies that particularly affect you because of your disability; likewise, the polices themselves can be passively discriminatory.
  • Victimization: You’ve experienced retaliation at work after complaining about a disability discrimination incident or company practice.

If you’re unsure about something that happened at work, a disability discrimination attorney in Santa Ana can help you figure out if you may have a valid claim. During a free consultation with one of our lawyers at The Gould Law Firm, we can help you determine whether or not pursuing legal action is in your best interests.

We offer free consultations to all prospective clients, so contact The Gould Law Firm’s disability discrimination attorneys in Santa Ana today. Reach out to us online or call our number (714) 592-4936 for help!

Is Your Employer Providing Reasonable Accommodation?

When you require certain tools or adjustments to your workspace to perform work, you must inform your employer that you need a reasonable accommodation. Your boss is then obligated to provide such accommodation.

Reasonable accommodations can include:

  • Readjustment of seating or floorplan to create adequate room for a wheelchair
  • Ensuring accessibility to training manuals and programs
  • Modifying equipment like computers or phones
  • Modifying work schedules
  • Making restrooms accessible to a person with a disability
  • Reserving a parking space near the entrance of the building

These are not the only things you can ask for when you need reasonable accommodation to perform essential functions at work. The key word here is “reasonable,” and if an employer doesn’t believe something you need to do your job or feel more comfortable is reasonable, a disability discrimination attorney in Santa Ana can help you assert your rights.

  • Large California Employer Violates Wage Laws $13,500,000
  • Large National Bank Not Paying Overtime $7,900,000
  • Employer Violating Wage Laws $6,700,000
  • Large Restaurant Employer Violating Wage Laws $3,500,000
  • Employees Not Receiving Overtime Working for Large Ice Cream Distributor $3,000,000
  • National Retail Store Violating Labor Laws $2,000,000
  • Discrimination by Security Guard Company $2,000,000
  • Employee Terminated After Complaining About Workplace Discrimination $1,100,000
  • Medical Workers Experience Unpaid off the Clock Wages $1,100,000
  • Auto Parts Store Violating Labor Laws 1,000,000

Hold Your Employer Accountable

Don’t let your boss get away with mistreating you – you have rights, and The Gould Law Firm can help you assert them. No one deserves to be taken advantage of or have their dignity disregarded at work.

You can seek fair and just compensation for your employer’s unlawful behavior or policies by reaching out to us for help.

Contact The Gould Law Firm today and ask to claim a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers!

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