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Did an Employer Punish You for Speaking up?

It can be an emotionally challenging experience if you were fired, subjected to a reprimand, or endured another negative consequence at work. You probably don’t agree with your employer’s decisions or actions, and you may be wondering if you are now a victim of retaliation. Many people have similar thoughts during times like these, which is why it’s important to seek assistance from The Gould Firm to help you evaluate your claim.

You can claim retaliation if you were punished for engaging in a legally protected activity such as:

  • Reporting incidents of discrimination
  • Refusing to break the law or reporting another employee for doing so
  • Complaining about an unsafe work environment
  • Complaining about your wages or discussing wages with other employees
  • Requesting reasonable accommodation for a disability
  • Reporting sexual harassment or other forms of harassment

These are merely a few things you can do without fearing a negative consequence from your employer. The situations in which you may experience retaliation are many, but not all will qualify. Your employer may be within their rights to punish you for not liking your work, complaining an unprotected matter (such as nepotism or an annoying coworker), or violating lawful company policies.

What Does Retaliation Look Like?

Employment law violations can be subtle or overt, but no matter how they’re packaged, the aggrieved parties can and should seek fair and just compensation by taking legal action. If you were a victim of unlawful retaliation by your employer, reach out to our team for legal assistance.

Retaliation can take on many forms, such as the following and more:

  • Firing an employee for reporting sexual harassment
  • Reducing an employee’s hours after they complained about discrimination
  • Failing to provide reasonable accommodation for a disability by dragging out the process
  • Terminating an employee who complained about never receiving overtime pay
  • Withholding pay after an employee complained about unsafe working conditions
  • Targeting an employee for discriminatory harassment because they refused to do something illegal

Whether you are confident or unsure about experiencing unlawful retaliation at work, consult with a retaliation attorney in Santa Ana. Contact The Gould Law Firm online or call (714) 592-4936 for help today!

Do You Have a Valid Case?

Retaliation can manifest in many other ways than these. If you are unsure if what happened, you may have been the result of retaliation, consult with a retaliation attorney in Santa Ana to find out if you may have a valid claim.

Companies have a vested interest in obscuring real instances of illegal retaliation, which is why you need an experienced lawyer to help you review your situation and build your strongest possible case.

Claim your free consultation with us by contacting our firm online or calling (714) 592-4936 today.

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