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Holding Employers Accountable for Breaking Legal Agreements

An employment agreement outlines the relationship between someone offering their labor and an employer who seeks to purchase it.

The following matters will be thoroughly detailed in a work contract, they include:

  • The duration of employment
  • How the employee can be discharged within that period time
  • Details regarding work responsibilities, compensation, benefits, and more

Whether you’re a permanent employee with a consistent agreement in place or an independent contractor regularly works under new contacts, you can be protected when your employer fails to uphold their end of the bargain.

At The Gould Law Firm, our breach of contract attorney in Santa Ana can help you assert your rights should an employer fail in their obligation to perform a duty to you as outlined by a legal agreement.

Is Breach of Contract Illegal?

A breach of contract is a legal cause of action and a type of civil wrong.

A contract is a binding agreement, it can be honored by one or more of the parties. Breach occurs when a party to a contract fails to fulfill its obligation(s) as described in the contract, or communicates an intent to fail the obligation or otherwise appears not to be able to perform its obligation under the contract.

Independent Contractor Contract Rights

The right to have an employment contract is less a legal right and more like a really, really good idea. You want your client to know exactly what to expect from you, and exactly what you expect from the client.

Just like a standard employment contract, a formal independent contractor agreement, includes the parameters of the project and the time or method of compensation. A concise agreement can keep everyone on the same page in terms of productivity and payment.

While you have a right to create a work contract, you may not have the right to work. Unfortunately, most employment discrimination laws don't apply to independent contractors, and businesses are free to hire or refuse to hire independent contractors as they see fit.

What You Can Recover in Damages

If an employer has broken terms of your employment agreement or a work contract, you can seek fair and just compensation by filing a lawsuit. At a minimum, such compensation may include what you were entitled to under a contract that your employer failed to uphold. Whether this was compensation at a certain rate, lost wages due to an early termination of your agreement, or the value of benefits contractually promised but never delivered, you may be able to sue for expected damages such as these.

Liquidated damages can account for contract breaches that don’t have a clear value to them, although it may be rare to find something that doesn’t have an identifiable value in an employment contract.

All in all, you can recover what you were supposed to get out of a contract when it was breached, but it’s unlikely you’ll see more than that. Compensatory and punitive damages that account for things like emotional distress and punishing the defendant are rarely – if ever – seen in contract breach lawsuits, although this may not preclude you from bringing another type lawsuit forward to seek such damages.

Do you need a breach of contract attorney in Santa Ana to hold an employer accountable? Contact The Gould Law Firm online or by calling (714) 592-4936 and ask to schedule a free initial consultation.

Do You Need Legal Assistance?

A breach of contract attorney in Santa Ana can help you get what you deserve in a contract broken by your employer. Whether you were improperly compensated, terminated early outside of contractual terms, or otherwise experienced a breach of your contract, reach out to The Gould Law Firm for help.Since 1995, we have offered legal assistance to clients who are government or unionized workers when they needed to hold their employers accountable for breaking terms of their employment agreement. We strive to make clients feel like their concerns are being addressed and acted upon in their best interests.

Even if you’ve worked with a lawyer before, you haven’t worked with someone like us. Clients say we have a personable demeanor unlike other attorneys who lack a comforting bedside manner.

Rest assured that our counsel can make you feel comfortable about the process of moving forward with your claim. When you work with Gould Law Firm, you’re in good hands who can help you seek the best possible outcome.

Reach out to us online and ask how you can take advantage of a free initial consultation that we offer to prospective clients like you.

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Don't Wait to Take Action

We can help you seek legal remedies – including fair and just compensation – for the following breaches and more:

  • Improperly terminating a contract before its expiration
  • Failing to provide compensation or benefits as outlined by the agreement
  • Requiring tasks or duties not outlined in the agreement
  • Engaging in, or asking the employee to engage in, unlawful activity
  • Forcing an employee to adhere to an illegal provision in a contract

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