Age Discrimination

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Your Age Cannot Be a Factor at Work

Americans 40 years old and older are protected by federal and state legislation from enduring unfavorable treatment at work. Employers whose policies or other employees who engage in age discrimination can be held liable for violating the victim’s rights and paying damages as fair and just compensation.

The Gould Law Firm can help if you believe you were subjected to unfair treatment based upon your age. We know employers can engage in this discrimination when they want to edge out long-term employees who have dedicated a large portion of their lives to a company in favor of younger talent. You may also experience discriminatory behavior when your coworkers associate your age with perceptions about your ability to perform certain duties or use newer technologies to accomplish work.

In any way it occurs, age discrimination at work is illegal and unacceptable. By working with The Gould Law Firm, you can hold responsible parties accountable for their actions by seeking fair and just compensation for violating your rights.

What Does Age Discrimination Look Like?

As with any other kind of discrimination at work, age discrimination can be both apparent and subtle. In any way it comes, however, it should be challenged and those responsible should be held accountable for violating an employee’s right to be free from such discrimination.

When an employee is 40 or older, they are protected from the following actions if their age is a motivating factor:

  • Termination, layoff, forced resignation, or failure to hire
  • Offered less pay or fewer benefits than a younger employee
  • Passed over for promotions or raises
  • Discriminatory comments or jokes referencing the employee’s age
  • Demotions, loss of hours, or other loss of income
  • Forced to comply with employer policies that discriminate against people 40 or older

There may be many more ways you can experience age discrimination at work. You could be given fewer or different assignments than your colleagues as a result of your age, or the way people communicate with you could make you feel unsafe or discriminated against. If you think you may have a valid claim, speak with an age discrimination attorney in Santa Ana who can help you take the next steps forward.

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