Many people face issues in the workplace, and sometimes these issues are serious enough to require the attention of an attorney. Before taking steps that could potentially hurt your employment status or prevent you from filing an employment law claim, come to the law firm of Gould & Associates for guidance.

Attorney Michael Gould has nearly 25 years of legal experience — much of which has been focused in the area of employment law/labor law. He and our employment lawyers provide an honest case assessment. If you retain our services, we will provide continuous updates about the progress of your case.

We Will Handle Your Discrimination, Retaliation Or Wrongful Termination Claim

Are you being discriminated against at work? Have you been fired because you reported illegal actions your employer has taken? Are you involved in a dispute with your employer over a contract or wage/hour pay? You may be entitled to compensation under California employment laws.

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At Gould & Associates, we believe that we can best serve our clients' needs by offering a calm, open office atmosphere. When you come in to talk with us, you can ask us your questions and expect to get answers that will help you make an informed decision for your future.

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